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Introducing KYCKER.NET - The Music Industry's All Inclusive Platform

With Kycker, artists can distribute their music to iTunes & Spotify for free, collect their performance royalties at the click of a button and gain access to high level opportunities, such as international showcases and having their music placed into film & TV.

Since it's launch just over two years ago thousands of artists have registered to use the platform.

Here's a little more information taken from the platform about what they offer artists.


Get your music onto all major online stores and streaming platforms, and collect royalties from every live show and radio play.


Access opportunities for festivals, international showcases and synchronisation into film, TV & video games.


Get the exclusive insider knowledge from managers, labels, live agents, producers, festival managers and more.


We're in this together, so we share income 80/20 in the artist's favour, and are totally free to use. We don't make money until you do.

For more information visit their website

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